Friday, March 9, 2012

Bridesmaid Bouquet

We are going to finish this week with the bridesmaids bouquet. My bride has a bit of an eclectic sense of style. She wanted to incorporate one of her favorite flowers, the daisy, in to the wedding some how but didn't want to have them fill her bouquet. So she opted have her bridesmaids carry them.

The bouquet is very simple and has her wedding colors. The pearl and ribbon accents just fill everything in. 

In the end, I think these will look lovely coming down the aisle. They will not take away from the bridal party while adding the fun splash of color that will perfectly compliment the outdoor wedding.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hair Flowers With A Little Bling

So my bride was not sure if she wanted to wear a tiara or not. So I made this side tiara as a possible alternative for her. 

Two simple satin flowers with glass rhinestone accents that their centers. Cup chain rhinestones are wire wrapped to the metal headband, adding a little bit of glitz to a very simple hair accessory.

As you can see, the flowers are offset in such a way that the flowers can be worn on either side.

In the end, my bride decided to stick to just a veil. So, I have put this lovely bridal hair accessory in my etsy shop - just in case you want to make this little beauty all yours!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bridal Jewelry

The bride did not want to go with the typical glitzy bridal jewelry. Given that her dress has a lovely lace overlay and beautiful beading, she wanted to keep the jewelry simple. She also wanted to add a splash of color, aside from the sash on her dress.

So I can up with this lovely and simple necklace which brings together one the wedding's primary colors (purple) and the accent color (silver) with the butterfly decor.

I used a simple white organza ribbon so the butterfly seems to float above her chest. There is a simple purple glass pearl and tiny white pearl drop at the end of the extension loops.

The drop at the clasp match the elegant drop earrings I made. These are so simple but will be a great accent to the simple, down hairstyle she is thinking about.

So as you can see, the bride will have some simple but very elegant and classy jewelry to accent her dress. I think the simplicity is a perfect match for her outdoor, summer wedding.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Butterfly Brides Maids...

March is National Craft Month and this month I have set some goals for my productivity for this month. I have a lot I want to get accomplished and I am hoping I can meet my goals with the limited time I have each day.

Anyway, I am going to start this month with the long promised pictures of custom order items for an upcoming wedding. I am going to start with the bridesmaids necklaces. The theme of the wedding is all "Two Hearts, One Love" with a healthy dose of butterflies used as accents. 

It took a lot of searching before I found these glass butterfly pendants.

I used satin and organza ribbon to lighten the necklace. That pendant is pretty solid, so I made sure to add a couple drops of super glue to the ends to help insure the ribbon will not come lose from the closures. 

The bride was very happy with how these turned out. So I am happy! Check back tomorrow for another piece from this custom wedding order...