Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Amethyst Ribbon Flower Bouquet - in progress

I have been working diligently on this new bouquet. I am using amethyst and ivory ribbon and accenting each one with a 10mm flat-back acrylic stone. Right now I am just waiting on some vintage style brooches to come in the mail to add to the bouquet. Once I add the brooches, I am going to ring the bouquet with green ribbon and ivory tulle. I am really excited to get this one finished.

But here is a picture I snapped with my phone this morning. (Sorry for the poor quality.) And now I need to get back to the pink ribbon flowers I'm working on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Couple More Plaques to Share

So yesterday I showed you a couple of little plaques I made for a craft show a while back. Again, all you need for these is wood plaques, scrapbook paper, coordinating paint, a velum sentiment, resin and time. These are things that are pretty easy to whip up if you plan your time right. When I made them, I made about twelve over about a week. I would get all the plaques embellished and then pour the resin over all of them at once. And the best part is, when you have a stash of them, it is so easy to grab one for a last minute gift idea!

(Check out my resin tutorial here.)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Monday Morning

I always know its summer when I have to get up extra bright and early on Monday to flood the backyard. Some day I will figure out the winning lotto numbers and just put in a sprinkler system. I have lots to do today - a couple of articles to write, pictures of my last bridal bouquet (of bead and lace flowers!), finish a bunch of ribbon flowers for a bouquet, and I want to try to recreate the Mother's Day gifts I handed out yesterday because I didn't get any pictures of the ones I already made. (GRRR!)

But fear not, I do have something to share with you! I will be listing these for sale soon and I am planning to make more. They are fairly easy to do and it will be nice to have something not-wedding related to work on.

I made these a while back for a craft show, and sold quite a few of them. They were pretty straightforward to make. I painted a small wooden plaque, added coordinating scrapbook paper, and a velum sentiment and finished it with a coating of epoxy resin and a hanger on the back. (I have a resin tutorial here.)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Red & White Ribbon Flowers

I love making ribbon flowers. They are so delicate looking, so easy to customize and they have so many uses. Used them in my daughter-in-law's bridal party bouquets. Those bouquets really served as inspiration for future bouquets.

Like this one made of rich red and crisp white satin ribbon. Each flower is accented with a faceted, AB   acrylic bead at its center. The bouquet is criss-crossed with a delicate string of white faux pearls and is ringed with loops of glittery green ribbon. The bouquet is finished with its stems being wrapped in white satin ribbon.

The detail of ribbon flowers can be better appreciated in this close up picture.

This bouquet offers a dramatic touch of elegance that is sure to stand out against a lovely white dress.

I am currently working on several more ribbon flower bouquets, in more colors and using different techniques and styles. I am really excited about these, and if there is enough interest, I may even write up a tutorial on how to make these ribbon flower. So leave a comment and tell me if you want a tutorial!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Faux Flower Bouquet

 Ok, so I dropped the ball last week and wasn't able to get the pictures taken of the bouquets. So here is one set I have currently available for sale in my etsy store.

This set of bouquets includes one larger and one smaller bouquet, a total of two bouquets that match perfectly. They are made of creamy roses and vibrant pink hydrangeas and delicate lily of the valley stems.

The smaller bouquet, pictured above, has two roses and contrast with the lovely pink shades in the hydrangeas. This bouquet would be perfect as a tossing bouquet so you can keep your main bridal bouquet as a keepsake of your big day. Or if you only have a maid of honor in your bridal party, let her carry this lovely bouquet.

Above is the larger bouquet. I love the way the creamy white roses contrast with the bright tones in the hydrangeas. This is a lovely, classic bouquet that can be replicated and customized to match any wedding color. 

Bridal bouquets and sets are a current passion of mine. I prefer to make the flowers in my bouquets or at least use options that give a unique spin to the big day. Of course, there are times that store bought, faux flowers can add that perfect touch to the most special day in a couple's life together.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Classic Bouquet

Here it is: the first bouquet I completed of all beaded flowers. I decided on a classic rose bouquet, and made 12 white roses and 12 red roses. The greenery that rings the flowers is also hand beaded rose leaves. When I finished the flower construction, I took them to a local florist and she built the bouquet for me and finished it with a spray of rose scent. I love this bouquet and would probably use it myself if I had the opportunity...

This beautiful bouquet is available for sale and I'm sure it will add that touch of glamour and class to anyone's special day!