Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Something Glittery This Way Comes

In January, my parents-in-law will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. That's hard to believe. FIFTY years, 5-0 years! Not enough people make it to that any more. At any rate, there will of course be a party, which is still a surprise at this point. But being crafty and having the willing help of N, we are ready to tackle this.

The in-laws are pretty low-key people who don't like a big fuss being made, and the party will reflect that. The first items to be be done will be table decorations. My sis-in-law had quite a few vases we could alter to match our color scheme. Here you can see a few of the vases lined up and ready to be prettified.

The colors we are going for are black & white with gold accents. The venue will provide tables with white table cloths, so the decision was made to accent the vases with gold glitter and paint the insides black. It is going to be beautiful once it all set up, with drastic contrasts and simple ribbon flowers.

My dining room is currently covered in a festive, gold-sparkling, plague. I need to get the glitter sealed before I can move forward with painting the inside and arranging flowers. Hopefully, the sealing will get done today so I can get a picture of the whole thing put together!