Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Custom Orders Keep Me Busy!

I love getting custom orders from brides that know they want something unique but not quite sure what they want. The freedom affords me the opportunity to create beautiful, unique items to perfectly compliment their special day.

A friend of my step-son is getting married in the middle of this month so I asked if there was anything she needed help with. She quickly accepted my offer, needing help considering the short time remaining and the tight budget she was working with. She needed help with the bouquets and two flower girls baskets. Not a problem I said and a day later she was dropping off her supplies.

These are the flowers she brought me and pearl stems for embellishment.

Her colors are lime green, black and white. She fell in love with these small black leafy flowers as an accent.

These white flowers remind me of hibiscus flowers, which is what I opted for fern greenery to accent the slightly tropical feel.

The white flowers got covered in silver glitter fabric paint to add a little more interest. Almost as soon as she left the materials with me, I was beginning to work out what I wanted to do for the bouquets.

Come back tomorrow to see what I came up with!

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