Who They Are

In my posts, you will hear a lot about my family. And I mean A LOT! They are the reason I do a lot of my crafting and gift making. Out of privacy, I try not to name names or include their pictures. But so you have an idea who I'm talking about, let me introduce you to the cast of characters in my life:

DH - my Darling Hubby. We have been married for eight years now and I supported him through the last ten years of a twenty year active duty military career. (I still consider myself a proud Army wife.) He is a good man, patient with my crazy short attention span and willing to build me strange things when I ask for them.

N - my stepdaughter and mother of E and A. N is a pretty incredible young woman - devoted wife and mother, vet tech and now full time student. She is sweetheart who will always offer a hand when I need help and has quickly become one of my best friends.

P - N's hubby. N couldn't have found a better man to marry. He is hardworking, adores his kids, loves N, and is already to help with whatever anyone in the family needs. P isn't perfect and they have had their ups and downs, but they genuinely love each other and I'm so happy they are together.

E and A - the little ones, grandkids, monkeys, light of my heart - take your pick, they are all true. Love those girls more each day, and considering they are just starting school I get to watch them grow. Their personality grows every day and it's a lot of fun seeing the little people they are turning in to.

J - my baby brother. He was born just before I turned 16 and I pretty much raised the kid. He's a good kid, learning who he wants to be and figuring out his path for the rest of his life. I was so proud of him when he joined the Army Reserves during his junior year of high school. He attended his basic training right before his senior year, came home, finished high school, and spent the summer of 2013 at Ft Lee, VA doing his job training.

K and G - my stepson and daughter in law respectively. They are expecting their first child this winter so I will have another little one to make gifts for!

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