Monday, January 26, 2015

Granny Swirl

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pinterest? I really do love it. Where else can I find so many new ideas and patterns and wish for more hours in the day to try them all?!

This is one such example. I found a pattern for a spiraling granny square, and I love granny squares which meant I had to try it. I dug through my yarn stash, found some colors I liked and got to work.

And MAN!! It was a pain in the backside!

Each color is worked continuously, there is no finishing at a corner and changing colors. That means, all five skeins of yarn had to be organized and kept straight throughout the process. That was a pain in and of itself.

I was wanting to try to make it big enough to cover at least a queen sized bed - and that didn't happen! I got kinda frustrated having to untangle yarn and fighting with the dogs to keep them out of the yarn.

It really didn't seem worth the hassle once I realized how quickly the spiral-swirly aspect of the pattern got lost.  The lower picture shows the center of the square and that is about the only place you can really see the swirl. That was a pretty big let down, and if it wasn't for my excitement to try something different, I probably would have realized that before even starting.

At any rate, I ended up with a new throw blanket and a lesson learned from the experience. Have I learned my lesson once and for all about not getting too excited about starting a new project? Especially one from Pinterest? Of course not!

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