Monday, June 22, 2009

A Beautiful Monday Morning

I am kind of at a loss for what I want to work on today. I have so many things to do to get ready for my sister that is flying in from Ohio on Wednesday. It should be fairly simple - clean the house and wash linens. However, for a crafter it's never that easy!

This last Saturday, I went to a local festival and was invited to be a part of the Fourth of July festival where I will be sharing a booth with a really nice lady who co-founded the local military support group. I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a craft show, the only problem is I need a whole new line of products with more of a patriotic theme. I have definitely learned my lesson from the first show - I need some items that are much less expensive, easy and quick to make, and I have only about a week to make them!

So that is what I will be focusing on for the next few days. However, I do have a few more cards to share today. These were all made recently using nothing more than some pretty papers and a lot of components from the $1 areas of my local craft stores! Which proves you can do a lot with very little money!

Happy Crafting!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Life Gets So Busy During The Summer

I thought the summer was supposed to be a relaxing time, when people take vacations and get to do what they want to. I guess that idea only works for school kids, because I know I have been so busy lately! Between family functions, daily household duties, work and visiting relatives, I've had so little time to craft.

However, there will always be time for crafting! Below are some cards I made recently, not special occasion, but just for fun. Crafting is my relaxation time, so I try to keep designs fairly simple. Why stress over a layout when I am trying to escape the stresses of life to begin with!?

The goal is to start blogging more often - I need to make that a higher priority. I also need to get more work done on the shop; I still have lots of new earrings to add. Plus the handquilting project I am doing, the quilts I need to piece together and the crocheted baby blanket I need to finish! There is always something to do, it's just finding the time to get it all done!

Hope you all are having more luck than I am! Happy Crafting!