Who I Am

I am an Army wife, independent thinker, DIY addict and domestic diva. I enjoy making things to use everyday myself, and will enlist the help of my darling hubby when the use of power tools is required. We live in a rural area of Idaho, where farmers understand the value of a dollar and how to make it stretch. Let's face it, the economy is tough and being able to live a comfortable, stylish life must involve doing things for yourself.

I love all kinds of crafts. I've crocheted for more than 20 years (though I've never been comfortable knitting). I enjoy photography, quilting, jewelry making, wedding crafts baking, and upcycling various objects to continue their useful life. There is always something else to learn and I have taught myself to do nearly all of my crafts. I love the trial and error process, learning from my mistakes and the excitement I feel when something works really well! I find inspiration from a wide variety of sources in life and on the web, and will always link back to the original source whenever possible.

My family knows how live on a budget and how to make it stretch. I refuse to pay a lot for something I can make myself. This blog is a product of my cheapness, my love of all things creative and functional, and the hope to help others find a little inspiration. One thing you will definitely never find here are news stories! I will not inject personal views, opinions, and rants into what is supposed to be a creative outlet - I have another blog for that! :)

Anyway, that's a little bit about me. Got questions, ask me. Got opinions, share them - but try to keep it nice as pointlessly mean comments will be removed. Creative criticism is always helpful, but remember that compliments are great too!


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