Friday, January 16, 2015

Tooth Fairy Pillow

E is getting to the age that she is starting to lose her baby teeth. She got so excited when she had her first loose tooth because that meant the tooth fairy was going to visit her. To celebrate the occasion, I made her a special Tooth Fairy Pillow, to keep her tooth safe for the fairy.

I let E choose a fat quarter of material and a skein of floss and set to work. What I ended up with is a cute little keepsake. On the front I embroidered her name and the "Has Lost A Tooth" in the yellow she picked out. Unfortunately, it kinda got lost in the butterflies of the materials.

The back has a large pocket, trimmed with a wide, delicate lace ribbon and accented with narrow yellow ribbon. To hang the little pillow on her headboard, I added a purple butterfly ribbon from my stash that matched perfectly.

The nice big pocket on the back gives the Madame Fairy plenty of room to hide a dollar, whether it is a bill or coins, without worrying about it getting lost.

I still have to make one for A, who has yet to get her first loose tooth. E has lost about a half dozen so far and uses this cute little pillow every time!

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