Monday, December 22, 2008

T'was a few days before Christmas....

...and as a procrastinator, I'm getting nervous! hehe That isn't entirely true. The majority of my hand-made gifts are finished, including two scarves for my nieces, a necklace for one of them, a decorative tray for my mom and I am in the finishing stages of the coaster set I'm doing for my sister-in-law! All that is left is to finish the crocheted afghan for a dear friend of the family and a scarf for my brother-in-law. I think I can that done by Wednesday.

The biggest obstacle is to finish all my holiday baking, finish the crafts and take pictures of it all to post. Unfortunately, the pictures probably won't get posted until after the holiday. But, realistically, there are a lot of improvements I need to make my fledgling blog. This was a sort of Christmas present to me - a place to show off my crafts and make some new friends.

Considering all the work I have to do, this post will be short. I need to get the lemon poppyseed bread ready for the oven and do a lot of crocheting before heading out to get those last minute supplies!

Merry Christmas to all!

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