Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year - New Opportunities!

Ok, I still don't have pictures to upload. They are all hiding on my camera. But the holiday season is over and I will soon be able to get back into a normal work schedule, with set days to post to my blog and lots of new projects to write about!

Coming up this year I will be doing a lot more promotion for my online shop, maybe starting an Etsy store and I already have a craft show set up for April that I need to get a bunch of jewelry ready for. As for the jewelry, I am going to be stringing some beautiful new pieces, as well as trying my hand at resin pieces. I am so excited about working with resin - it is so versatile and light weight, so I should be able to get some truly amazing pieces made utilizing it.

Speaking of work, I must be off to pick up some supplies so I can get more work done next week. Good luck to all you intrepid crafters, I wish you a fabulous and successful 2009!

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