Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Molly (aka A Big Distraction!)

This is Molly, my Valentine's gift from my hubby. We went to the local animal shelter and rescued her on. She is about nine and a half months old now, and like all puppies she needs a lot of time and training - which leaves me very little time for crafting. Her first night here, she was exploring the house, wandered into my crafting room and found a crochet UFO. I have to admit it was so cute to see her walking into the living room with the little stuffed animal leg (she found a dog I was working on LOL) in her mouth and trailing a yarn tail behind her! Of course it also meant that she was going to need chew toys that were not my craft supplies and projects!

Molly is an Aussie Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) which are very smart working dogs. She is so hyper that I feel she needs a job. Once the weather is a little warmer, I think I will have my DH build me a doggy agility course in the backyard and I will work with her on that. Fortunately, she is learning a routine and is starting to let me get some crafting done again. Hopefully next week, I will be able to start posting on a regular basis again!

The picture below is from right after we got her spayed. I love my little demon dog, but with all the boy dogs that live around my house, we don't want any little puppy surprises! I had to post it because she looks so sad and violated after the surgery!

Happy Crafting!

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