Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silver and Amethyst

As my confidence in wire wrapping grows, I'm deciding to try new things - or rather the same design with different materials. The ring above is the first ring I've made that I do actually wear quite often. It is sterling silver wire (26 gauge, so it is pretty thin) with a natural amethyst stone and two accent Swarovski bicone crystals.

It is very simple ring design - the same exact design as the copper rings I posted over the last couple of weeks. However, the thinner wire gives the ring a daintier look. Overall, I am pleased with the way it turned out, and am very happy with the compliments I've received on it.

Wire wrapping requires a lot of practice, but as you get better there is a definite feeling of gratification, especially when you are complimented on your hard work!

Happy Crafting All!

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