Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Copper Bracelet

Since I signed up for the Wire-Sculpture.com newsletter, I periodically receive interesting new patterns to try from some of their wonderfully talented designers. The above bracelet is one of those patterns and I must say, for never having made anything like that before, I think it turned out rather well.

The wire I had on hand was a little thicker than what the pattern called for, but I made it work. The main part of the bracelet (top picture) was a little challenging because of the way the wire was twisted back on itself, and because I was using a thicker wire I was not able to get the rows as straight and uniform as I would have liked. The links, on the other hand, (bottom picture) came together beautifully. This is a bracelet I can see myself making many times and in many different colors to match a mood or outfit!

Happy Crafting All!

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