Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Monday Morning

I always know its summer when I have to get up extra bright and early on Monday to flood the backyard. Some day I will figure out the winning lotto numbers and just put in a sprinkler system. I have lots to do today - a couple of articles to write, pictures of my last bridal bouquet (of bead and lace flowers!), finish a bunch of ribbon flowers for a bouquet, and I want to try to recreate the Mother's Day gifts I handed out yesterday because I didn't get any pictures of the ones I already made. (GRRR!)

But fear not, I do have something to share with you! I will be listing these for sale soon and I am planning to make more. They are fairly easy to do and it will be nice to have something not-wedding related to work on.

I made these a while back for a craft show, and sold quite a few of them. They were pretty straightforward to make. I painted a small wooden plaque, added coordinating scrapbook paper, and a velum sentiment and finished it with a coating of epoxy resin and a hanger on the back. (I have a resin tutorial here.)

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