Friday, May 11, 2012

Red & White Ribbon Flowers

I love making ribbon flowers. They are so delicate looking, so easy to customize and they have so many uses. Used them in my daughter-in-law's bridal party bouquets. Those bouquets really served as inspiration for future bouquets.

Like this one made of rich red and crisp white satin ribbon. Each flower is accented with a faceted, AB   acrylic bead at its center. The bouquet is criss-crossed with a delicate string of white faux pearls and is ringed with loops of glittery green ribbon. The bouquet is finished with its stems being wrapped in white satin ribbon.

The detail of ribbon flowers can be better appreciated in this close up picture.

This bouquet offers a dramatic touch of elegance that is sure to stand out against a lovely white dress.

I am currently working on several more ribbon flower bouquets, in more colors and using different techniques and styles. I am really excited about these, and if there is enough interest, I may even write up a tutorial on how to make these ribbon flower. So leave a comment and tell me if you want a tutorial!

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