Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Trivet Matter

Family dinner at the table is one of those simple joys in my life. It's maybe a half hour for everyone to stop and spend time together once a day.

To keep it simple (and reduce dishes) I usually just put the food on the table in whatever it was cooked in. Naturally, I need trivets or pot holders to protect the table. I decided it was time to make a couple specifically for my table in colors I liked.

The ceramic tile cost me a whole $0.50 at a local hardware store. It is just a basic 6"x6" white tile. I used a stencil and a sharpie to get the design on the tile. Granted you can see the directional lines from the way I colored it in, but I don't mind it. If you don't want to see those lines, you can always use acrylic paint and a sponge brush to get it on there right.

Finish the whole thing with a couple of coats of a clear enamel top coat, let dry completely and it is ready for the table.

Another idea for decoration, if you want something faster than a stencil and sharpie, you can always use stickers. I helped my granddaughters do this for Christmas presents for family members last year. As long as the stickers are flat, nothing dimensional and nothing with rhinestones, you can get the same effect with less effort.

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