Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolution

So I might be a bit late with this but I'm still going to post it. This is the time of year that everyone seems to be making commitments to themselves with the best intentions of keeping them. Not many of us actually keep them though - I mean, how many have vowed to lose weight? :) But it is the intention, motivation and persistence that make a resolution successful.

This year I have two resolutions for my craftiness. The first is all about organization. I like to think of my office/studio/zen crafty relaxation space as organized chaos. My goal for the year will be to lose some of the chaos and gain a little more organization. The only thing that can hinder me is the number of different crafts I do. I have to figure out the best way to get thing organized and put away and then stick to getting things put away after each use.

The second is fewer UFOs for the year. We all have them - those UnFinished Objects that get set aside due to either to frustration or lack of time. The time one is usually my issue. I may be right in the middle of working on something and then get a custom order or a birthday that I have to focus on. As I type this, I can see several UFOs that need to be taken care of so that my to-do list can be made a little shorter.

There you have it - my resolutions. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish both, and think putting it out there publicly may help me. I mean, if I have to be accountable for them, they are more likely to happen, right?

Also up this year - several big projects, lots of small projects, working on a new look for the blog and adding oodles of goodies to the etsy store. Let's see what happens this year - should be exciting!

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