Monday, March 3, 2014

Howdy Card

 As things get busy, sometimes it's really nice to get a sweet little note just to say hi. Think about it, how much would you love to get a random greeting card for no reason other than to say hello!

That is why I made this little cutie - to brighten a friend's day. It is super simple, which is the way I love making them. I used a black polka dot paper and punched the corners, added a simple tag, rub on word, a small flower and that tiny touch of bling.

My favorite part of this card is the ombre hearts down the right hand side. Guess how I did! Punched a paint chip card! I love using those - the color card was free and I only paid a $1 for the punch at Walmart. Granted it wasn't the greatest punch in the world, or the easiest to use, but it did the trick for minimal investment.

Things here have been pretty busy. I have a few things I have been able to get done, but not nearly as much crafting as I would have liked over the past few months. I'm hoping with the changing season I will be able to get more accomplished, I have a couple of blankets that I am in the middle of crocheting, DH is just about finished with some living room additions that I am super excited about.

And with everything I am working on and wanting to get done, I also have some pretty big organization projects in the works. Some are for around the house, others just for my office. I have to be honest here - my office is no longer controlled chaos, no it has gotten to where it is just a mess. That is my biggest work in progress at the moment.

Anyway... I should be able to share a couple other projects I have gotten done. Please be patient with me!

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