Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just Another Blanket...

Earlier this year, we had J's girlfriend and her daughter live with us for a little while. There was a turn of unfortunate events and she needed a place, so we opened our home. (Living together forced J and her to realize they weren't ready for anything serious and they have since broken up.)

Anyway, her daughter was about 2 at the time and every time I picked up my yarn and crochet hook, she asked what I was doing. When I told her I was making a blanket, her eyes would get huge and she'd ask, "You're making me a blankET!" (The emphasis on the last syllable was adorable!) And I'd always have to tell her no, it was for someone else. I finally asked if she really wanted one and what were her favorite colors. She lit up and told me pink and orange. Two weeks later, she had her blankie.

It turned out a little more "Dora the Explorer"-ish than I intended, but she was thrilled! Dora was her favorite cartoon and she cuddled this like crazy. It made me happy to make it and see her dragging it around with her.

I was able to get it done very quickly by using a simple twelve-square (three by four) pattern and alternating the pink and orange in each granny square. The white tied everything together and I added a simple faux-scallop border to finish it. Personally, I think the scallop finish makes it look a little more feminine.

I'm sure in time she will forget that I was the one who made, and me all together. But that is fine. She can use the blanket for many years to come and know that at some point, someone cared enough to make something just for her!

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