Monday, January 30, 2012

Wedding Fever

Well, most people think that life will slow down and regain it's normal routine after the holidays. And for most people, that is true. However if you are a crafter and have wedding in the immediate family coming up, it never slows down!

My stepdaughter is getting married at the end of June and to help them save some money, I have volunteered to help make a lot the wedding necessities. The necessities include the invitations, save the date cards, bouquets, jewelry, veil, flower girls baskets, accents for the unity candle, favors, reception decor, table and alter decorations and an alternative to a guest book.

Personally, I have decided that I don't like typical guestbooks. Unless you are having 1000 people attend you wedding, most of the pages remain empty and after the big day, it sits in a box and doesn't every really get looked at. So I suggested a signature quilt that could be hung on the wall, displayed with happy pride. We have the design picked out, a very simple block with borders in the wedding colors.

So I obviously have a lot of work ahead of me. Fortunately, I've already gotten a few pieces done (and will be posting pictures this week), including the bridesmaids bouquets and much of the jewelry.

I have lots of work ahead of me as I prepare for this wedding and continue to work on creating inventory for my etsy store. So please bear with me as I get through this all. I will post as often as possible, and share the progress I'm making....

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