Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pillow Bow!

Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for. Really the only one I decorate for. I feel like I do quite a bit, but I by no means go overboard. We have our family decorations that have become part of our traditional decorations, and every so often I add to them. Last year I made felt pointsettas and simple wallhanging to decorate the living room. 

This year I decided to add a couple of pillows to our couch to bring in more festive colors. So I made the pillow cover below, again on an 18" square form. This one was a little tricky because I had to figure out measurements on my own, instead of looking them up somewhere.

Once again, I raided my stash for remnants and scraps to make this cover. In fact, the white bow on the front is made from fabric leftover from flowergirl baskets I made for my step-son's wedding in 2010. I thought the shimmery silver snowflakes accented the fun, bright green color and cute little snowmen quite well.

This picture was taken in our family room on the old comfy couch my boys have pretty much worn out over the years. But even on an older couch that may be well past its best days, a nice throw blanket draped across the back and some pillows can really dress up the look. 

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