Monday, January 10, 2011

Bridal Bouquet

When my step-son got in engaged, I was eager to lend a crafty hand to help the young couple out. Weddings are expensive, especially if you want something you unique and hand crafted to made the day special. He and his intended happily accepted my offer and I was asked to make several important items. I'm going to spend this week showcasing the items I made for them.

First up is the bridal bouquet. This is always a key accessory for the bride. Many times it's the only splash of color to be seen against the white of the bride's dress.
The only instructions I received from the bride was that she lilies and a cascading bouquet. So I decided to take the opportunity to try beaded and ribbon flowers. For the centerpiece of the arrangement, I made 3 beaded lilies using 3mm plastic pearls and gold seed beads for the stamens.

The remainder of the flowers were all made out of ribbon that followed the chosen wedding colors. The puffy silver faux-carnations were some of my favorites. They added a little sparkle while filling out the bouquet. To achieve the cascading look, ribbons in the same colors and textures as those in the bouquet, flowed down from the arrangement in varying lengths.

This was a great thing for me to make. It challenged me and offered the chance to try something new. I loved every tedious moment of it.

Happy Crafting All!

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