Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Gift, pt 1

So I took last week off to begin getting everything in my office organized. Something I've desperately needed  to do for quite some time, and still have not finished. This week I am back and hoping to post at least four days this week. I have been crafting like crazy and am really looking forward to sharing some of the things I've made.

First up is half of a baby shower gift I recently made for the friend of the family. She is having a little girl, due any time now, that they are naming Kaiya. The expectant mommy is not a huge fan of pink but both her and her hubby love the Japanese culture and Asian inspired decor. They chose to do the nursery in red, white and black.

All little girls have tons of hair bows and flowers and it can be very difficult to keep them all organized. So I made them this personalized bow board in their colors of choice. The monogram really stands on the damask black and white background. (Sorry about the horrible pictures, but I had to shoot them quickly before we delivered the gift!)

You can see that I even started them out with the first two bows for the board: a lovely red and white bow and a cute black and white with musical notes. Knowing the father is very musically oriented, I knew I couldn't pass up that ribbon when I saw it!

Another cute little item in the gift was the soft blocks in the nursery colors. They are good size blocks, but soft enough for baby hands to grip. Granted, baby Kaiya won't be playing with these for a couple of months. It is a cute little toy made from some scrap material that was a quick and easy addition to the gift.

Naturally, being a crafter, these were not the only gifts I gave. But, for the big gifts, you will have to come back tomorrow! I will add the last two items then and they are super cute and made the expectant mommy squeal!

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