Monday, September 17, 2012

Because baking is crafting too...

I have always enjoyed baking and cooking. It is a form of love, I think, to nourish the bodies of those you care about. As a result, I have sort of become the 'official' baker of the family. I have done all of my granddaughter's birthday cakes for the past two years, along with any other family member that asks. I have no training and often have to make it up as I go. But when it is something you enjoy and someone you love, you always find a way to make it work!

My youngest granddaughter turned 3 last week and we celebrated with a big family party yesterday. She said she wanted a cat themed party, so my first thought was to do a Hello Kitty cake. My step-daughter decided she would much rather go with the Cat in the Hat theme. So I was put to work creating a six layer, red and white striped hat cake. (I took the picture with my phone - sorry if it looks kinda funky.)


Even though the stripes look pink the picture, they were surprisingly red thanks to the Wilton Icing color paste that I got. The fondant was a bit of a challenge considering it was the first time I had made anything like that. And even though the layers didn't line up perfectly (I said I didn't have any training) every one there was impressed. Including my favorite little three year old!

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