Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ribbon, Ribbon, Everywhere!

One of my other loves is ribbon! I love having ribbons around for ribbon flowers and hair bows. I had tried to keep it organized in totes, but it always turned in to such a mess. So, once I got my thread rack done, I put my hubby to work once again. This time I requested a supersized thread rack with slats on the front of each shelf to hold my ribbons in place.

Granted, a lot of the ribbon still trails toward the floor, but at least it is fairly organized, and as soon as I remember to get more pins all those trails will be neatly tucked away.

This was another one of those super simple projects that only took a couple of hours to complete, but really has made a difference in my organization. Having built to fit my space really helped me a lot.

My hubby may think he is not all that crafty, but man oh man! I put in an order and he is happy. Mostly because he gets to play with his power tools! And I'm happy because each of projects gives us a chance to work together on something and ultimately makes my life so much easier!

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