Monday, October 1, 2012

"Designer" Jeans

So the weather is definitely turning colder and October is bringing the autumn feeling with it. Before long there will be leaves on the ground, the garden will be emptied and canned and I will look forward to cozy fires to keep me warm.

With colder weather, comes the need to dress warmer and our little granddaughters are the first to get new fall/winter clothes to keep them warm. My oldest granddaughter is four years and built very sturdy. She isn't chunky or pudgy with baby fat. That little girl is muscle and I can see her being a great athlete someday. Right now, it means she has a hard time finding pants that fit her right. So when my hubby and I decided to spoil her with some new clothes, we were not too thrilled to see that girls were offered primarily skinny and slim fit jeans.

So to get the best fit, we had to get her little boy pants. I didn't like it because I thought it might give the little girl a complex, but using my super-crafty skills, I turned it around and made it in to a fun project. Boys jeans are very plain which means that are great for dressing up and personalizing at home.

We started with some plain black jeans, some patches, sequins, Fabri-tac and a silver glitter fabric marker. I let her decide what she wanted and where, added the glue and she pressed them down. I did all the work with fabric marker, but she told me she wanted swirlies and polka dots. So this is what we came up with:


She was so happy with them and everyone else has told her they are cute. I think they really fit her personality. My favorite part of this whole project, it was the first lesson she got in a simple philosophy: You don't have to spend a ton of money to have clothes that will help you stand out!

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