Monday, October 15, 2012

Up-cycled Dog Toys

This week is going to the dogs. My dogs to be exact. I have three, blue heeler Molly, Norwegian Elkhound/Lab mix Liebe and dachshund Mini. They are all rescue dogs and couldn't be more spoiled in this house. They are all pretty near perfect for our family though. Molly is about four, Liebe is a little over a year and a half and Mini is under a year. The two older are pretty mellow and calm in the house but run like crazy outside. Mini still has a lot of puppy personality and curiosity, but loves to cuddle. And all three are sweet as can be to my granddaughters.

I do like to spoil my pups, but toys can get expensive, especially when the two younger dogs like to destroy them. Then I end up with fluff all over my house. Which is no bueno. As a result, I have taken to making them toys. Nothing extravagant, but something they can pull and tug on without making a big mess.

The first toys were made out of old clothes. The brown is an old shirt of mine. I cut four strips from across the bottom, knotted one end then braided and added a not at the other end. Simple and a great way to reuse old shirts that are stained or outgrown.

The second is obviously denim. I love cutting up old holey jeans for dog toys. This toy is just a section of the pant leg, knotted in the middle. I have also done braided toys, toys made from several strips knotted together, weaves - there really is a lot you can do with denim. What I like is that denim is very durable, it frays but doesn't always just fall apart.

The pups love these and I like that I didn't have to spend money on them! :)

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