Monday, September 24, 2012

It's getting cold, time to cuddle up...

Over this past summer, I had my husband build me a few new items to help me get a more organized. This is one of those projects. Our house was built in the late 70's and the only update to the heating system since then has been the wood burning stove we put in two years ago. The stove is great, it heats the whole upper level of the house which is wonderful! Until that was put in, we had to rely on the old baseboard heaters that came with the house. As you can imagine, a split level, four bedroom home will suck up the power using baseboard heaters.

We always have a collection of throw blankets around the living and family rooms to help keep the chills away. All we lacked was a way of keeping them organized without packing them away in a closet. So I put in an order with my hubby for a quilt ladder. 

The first step was to show him a picture so he would know what I was talking about. Once he had the idea, we bought three 8' 2"x2" boards and cut two of them down to 6'6" to be the uprights. He used the pieces cut from the uprights as two of the rungs and cut the last full length board into 18" pieces to complete the rungs.

Normally you only have four rungs on a quilt ladder, however my hubby knows how much I love to crochet and quilt and really thought it better to give me some extra space. This is fine with me. Right now there is only three quilts on it because it has been warm. But those empty rungs give me motivation to get some quilt projects done that I've been putting off. Those will be finished as soon as I have the rest of my current projects finished!

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