Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thread Rack - why did I wait so long...

I love to sew and there are so many pretty colors of thread out there. I could never keep them organized so I have resisted buying them and therefore cut my sewing down quite a bit. Until I was surfing through Pinterest one day and saw an amazing thread rack idea. 

Once again, I showed my hubby the picture and told him how big and he got to work. The only difference between mine and the Pinterest inspiration is mine does not have the small finishing nails for bobbins in front of each spool of thread. 

I love mine! I think my hubby did an amazing job and I can now see exactly see what I have when I need it. Plus, the very top makes a handy little shelf for some oversized adhesive bottles that I couldn't find room for anywhere else. It's not huge, but it fits my space perfectly and lets me know just how much space I have to had spools of colorful threads!

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