Monday, July 27, 2009

Crochet For The Baby

No matter where you are or what time of year it is, it seems everyone knows someone who is expecting. My stepdaughter is expecting her second child in Sept. A co-worker of my husband's just found out they were expecting a little girl. There is always someone, and there is always a need for a gift.

I love to crochet baby blankets for the expecting couples because even though they will probably have a ton blankets of all types, on that was made by hand and with a lot of thought and consideration seems to mean more. Anyone can go and pick up a gift set, but to be able to give a that shows that much time put in to it really makes a statement. More often than not, the crocheted blanket turns into a child's favorite blankie and then a cherished keepsake.

The blanket pictured above is about half finished, but will be a total of four granny squares and a border in white, pink and green. The soft tones will work well in any little girl's nursery. If you don't know if the blanket will be for a boy or girl, or just want to make some to have for future gifts, yellow, green and white also make a great combination.

I'll post new pictures when the blanket is finished. Until then...

Happy Crafting All!

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