Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simplicity Is Key

When it comes to earrings that can go with multiple outfits and occasions, simplicity really is the key to success. If a person is going to spend money on an accessory, they will generally want to get something that can go with almost everything and accent rather than dominate a look.

These simple drop earrings featuring aqua resin beads accented with teal and white beads lends itself to so many different looks - from a lovely wedding reception dress to summer work outfit. Classy or jeans, most people will love (and feel more comfortable buying) an accessory that will go with everything.

This is a point many jewelry makers need to keep in mind as they are designing their pieces to sell. While it always great to have extravagant pieces that showcase an artist's skills, talent and voice, it is also important to have pieces that a woman can wear on a daily basis. Just a little food for thought.

Happy Crafting All!

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