Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something Special This Week

Last week, I spent a lot of time posting about hair bows that I have been making. I love making them because they  really are a quick and easy project. Anyway, this week I am going to spend some time posting on something else I love to make: Bridal Bouquets!

Yes, I love to make bouquets to highlight a woman's special day. I have made several, including a couple made of beaded flowers, faux flower bouquets and ribbon flower bouquets. These make me so happy when I get them completed, maybe because I made my bridal bouquet out of crochet flowers that I spent months on. Maybe it's because I know that for a bride, having certain things done in just the right way can add those oh so special touches to their big day.

Anyway, later this week I will be posting bouquets of several bouquets. Most will be for sale, and one is a custom order and already spoken for. Hopefully, I've piqued your interest enough to come back!

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