Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking a Vacation (but not really...)

So I am on the road this week, taking a working vacay with my hubby. It is mostly his work and my vacation, but I'm getting a little crafting done here and there. Even though our schedule is kind of wonky, I had to share this cute little bird that I made for my granddaughters.

You can't tell me that's not completely adorable and a lot less work than a real Easter chick. I made up two these little cuties, one in pink and one in yellow. I also made up ten little felt finger puppets for their egg hunt. This little guy took less than two hours (and can probably be a lot faster if you don't have two toddlers constantly needing your attention). 

If you want to try one of these little cuties, you can find a template and instructions HERE. The only change I made was to use small beads for the eyes, rather than stitching the eyes in.

Anyway, have fun this week - I know I am!

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