Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taking a Wedding Break....

So for the last couple of weeks, I have taken a break from wedding items to focus on the gift I am making for my granddaughter's 4th birthday this month.

This little sweetheart has decided that she loves cooking. She is always coming to tell me that she is "making soup" or "making my lunch" which is just adorable. So after searching online, I came across the patterns of a particular young woman that were amazing. CrochetNPlay Designs makes patterns for all children, whether it is cooking items, food, a shaving kit or a hairstyling kit, there is definitely something for everyone.

Now, I will always be the first to say I am cheap. When you live on a budget, you have to be! So normally, I will not pay for patterns because I know I can either figure out or find a free pattern online. However, these patterns are not that expensive and (the part that makes it really worth it) the designer gives permission to sell the finished product. You can not resell any part of the pattern, but if you want to make ten pots and pans sets and sell them, she welcomes you to do it.

As a crafter, having that permission from the beginning can be a really good thing. It gives you an opportunity to earn your money back. Realistically, the patterns are not that difficult and can work up pretty fast. I know my granddaughter will love them!

Anyway, I've got to get back to work. Check out CrochetNPlay Designs and see if there is something there you can't live without!

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