Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bangle Bracelets

I found this fabulous site called ResinObsession which offers all kinds of wonderful advice, techniques and videos for working with resin to make jewelry and household items. It is where I got the beautiful molds used to make my ugly butterflies last week. Well, I also bought molds for bangle bracelets which were fun to make. On the smaller one, on top, I poured resin in to fill the mold and then added a few drops of dye which I mixed in with a toothpick in order to get the watery, swirly effect. The larger one didn't work exactly as I had hoped simply because the resin started to cure before I could get the red layer I was trying for. But it was a fun experiment - and I am learning something new everytime I pour.

If you want to learn about working with resin, or just see some interesting videos, check out the ResinObsession site. Cindy is great and I only have good things to say about ordering from her!

Happy Crafting!


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