Monday, February 23, 2009

Resin Beads

As I am continuing my resin education, I am learning to embed new objects in the resin. Above you see the cute little Valentines conversation hearts. The pictures, unfortunately, are not as clear as I would have hoped. The hearts are actually much clearer than the pictures make them appear.

Below you can see that I embedded seed and bugle beads in coordinating colors, blue and purple. Not sure what I want to do with those quite yet, but they will be fun to work with! Below that, I embedded pieces of a picture I took. The image is of the natural texture of a beautiful pink red tree. Behind the image, I dyed the resin pink and glitter through out, just for fun!

I have yet to decide what will be embedded next, but when I do figure it out, it will be posted here for all to see and comment on!

Happy Crafting!

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