Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introducing Leo

Leo is my first needle felted bear. I got this fabulous kit from which came with everything I needed to make him - wool, needles, eyes, floss and comprehensive instructions for each and every step. There was really no wondering if I was doing it right because there were enough pictures to know if what I was doing looked right or not.

Even if I did encounter a problem, Marie over at LivingFelt (who also wrote the awesome instructions) was super fast on returning emails. I had a question about my order and by the next day she answered it very clearly and was just so nice. She is wonderful to share her talent and teach others to express themselves in a new medium.

Leo was a great experience for me. I need some practice on sculpting the face, but this is something I can see myself doing over and over. Leo's head came out more square than I had hoped, and rather lionish, hence his name. But I have gotten a lot of compliments on him. DH even took part in creating him, adding the all important belly button to Leo's tummy! LOL

Thanks again, Marie - I will definitely be shopping with you again!

Happy Crafting!

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